Ukrainast pärit EMTA tudeng otsib tööd kontsertmeistrina

Ukrainast pärit EMTA tudeng Maksym Trotsenko otsib tööd kontsertmeistrina. Maksym omandab bakalaureusekraadi Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemias Mati Mikalai juhendamisel. Maksym otsib tööd kontsertmeistrina Tallinnas või selle läheduses. Alljärgnevalt leiate Maksymi tutvustuse.

Huvi korral palun võtta ühendust meiliaadressil: trotsenkomaksym2@gmail.com

My name is Maksym Trotsenko, I'm from Ukraine, student of EMTA, pianist, 1st year bachelor, my teacher is Mati Mikalai. In Ukraine I already finished Sumy High School of Music and Art as a pedagog. There I had accompany class, chamber music class, methodical discipline, pedagogical practice, main study. 

In 2022 I continued my music education in National Musical Academy in Kyiv, teacher - national artist, professor Yuriy Kot. Before High school I've done study in music school (7-15 y.o) in my hometown Hlukhiv. As a result - I have 14 years of experience in music area. Now I'm preparing to Vitols competition in Latvia, where I'll present my academy on international level. I have excellent prima vista, I can learn piece during 2-4 days (depends on complexity),

I can transpose pieces, but only to nearest tonalities (like from B-dur to Bb-dur). I know Russian, Ukrainian, English and a bit Estonian (already finished Language courses in our academy).

I live in Tallinn and I'm looking for job in city or not so far away.